Written by Shawn Candela for Avima.com

Mindy Kaling rose to fame on the TV show “The Office,” then got the lead role in “The Mindy Project,” another hit series, which ran from 2012 to 2017. Over the years, she also gained a good deal of notoriety for her evolving looks that suggest she has had plastic surgery done. If so, most sources would say the work was an unparalleled success. Kaling has not public acknowledge any such treatment.

Mindy’s nose

There is a mix of speculation regarding whether Kaling had a nose job sometimes before 2010. The main contention is what appears in some photos to be a thinner bridge of her nose, but whether the changes were the result of surgery or the simple play of light on her face is unknown. Some observers also say there is a noticeable difference in the tip of her nose, going from a wider, more-rounded shape to a more tapered look.

Mindy’s stomach

Perhaps the most noticeable change in Kaling from the time she first appeared in “The Office” to her starring role in “The Mindy Project” is her waist size. In 2005, Kaling was at least somewhat overweight, with a protruding stomach and more overall bulk. By 2009, however, she appeared remarkably thinner, and many plastic surgeons would argue that the difference could not have been simply weight loss, and that Kaling had undergone an abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck.

Mindy’s chest

There is also much debate regarding whether Kaling had breast reduction surgery done as a complement to either her weight loss or a tummy tuck. Some observers suggest that not only do her breasts appear smaller than in her early career days, but they also look firmer and more well-rounded, both of which would not be a likely outcome of just losing weight.

Other conjectures

According to some sources, Kaling also appears to have had lip augmentation and eyelid surgery done to enhance her looks. They argue that the work can be evidenced by looking at her changing appearance from one season to the next on her television shows.


Many supporters say that far from having a good deal of plastic surgery done, Kaling represents the opposite kind of star: Someone content with being who she is, naturally.
For example, the website LatestPlasticSurgery.com goes into great detail in examining the plastic surgery contentions and whether there might be truth to them. In the end, it argues that her weight loss did not appear to be related to a tummy tuck because no noticeable change in her abdominal area took place and “her hip bone remains the same.”

The site also argues that Kaling’s breasts were never large enough to be candidates for reduction and no changes have been noticeable over the years, that her nose looks pretty much the same throughout her career, and that the actress still can often be seen with bags under her eyes, thus rejecting the idea that she had eye surgery done.

In fact, the site finds that the only realistic change Kaling might be charged with is using lip augmentation, since her lips do appear fuller than in earlier days. In the end, though, it even considers these claims “highly unlikely.”


Ultimately, unless Kaling were to state out loud that she did or did not have plastic surgery done, it is unlikely that the rumors will be proven or disproven. While she has donned different hairstyles in different colors, as well as wearing a variety of makeup styles, whether Kaling has done anything more drastic than lose weight and gain confidence over the years remains a matter of speculation.