Sazan Hendrix is a beauty blogger from Los Angeles who seems to always look perfect and lives the perfect life. Fortunately for us, she finally opened up about her pregnancy and reveals real photos and real examples of how her body changed to accommodate the growing baby. She gained 50 pounds and took 7.5 months to lose it. She shows us that it’s possible to get back in shape after delivering a baby. Heck, she shows us how to get into shape in general.

Here’s Sazan pregnant.

After her delivery, she shows us how she has a normal body and that body goes through many changes as she tries to lose weight. The thing to note here is that it takes time. It certainly does not happen overnight.

7.5 months later, she looks like a fitness model and looks incredible. Here you can see she really worked hard.


So how did she do it?
In her youtube video covering the weight loss story, she tells us that she was a huge fan of fitness apps like Kayla Itsines “Sweat” app. She used this in conjunction with a clean diet to get the results she was looking for. Another option is the Aaptiv app that is really getting popular amongst people who choose to workout on their own and don’t want to pay the hefty price of a trainer.

Here’s to looking good!